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Max Mittelman

Well known as the voice of Saitama in ONE-PUNCH MAN, Max Mittelman has also given life to other fan-favorite characters such as Ryuji in PERSONA 5, Arataki Itto in GENSHIN IMPACT, Plagg in MIRACULOUS LADYBUG, King in SEVEN DEADLY SINS, Sabito in DEMON SLAYER, and Atsushi in BUNGO STRAY DOGS.

Other notable projects include: FINAL FANTASY 7 REMAKE (Red XIII), BORDERLANDS 3 (Troy Calypso), FIRE EMBLEM (Leo, Gray, Kaden, Forrest, Gordin), HUNTERxHUNTER (Meruem), YOUR LIE IN APRIL (Kousei), BUGSNAX (Filbo Fiddlepie), KINGDOM HEARTS 2.8 (Luxu), BORUTO (Konohamaru), Matsumoto (VIVY: FLUORITE EYE’S SONG), MOB PSYCHO 100 (Ritsu), MARVEL’S SPIDER-MAN (Harry Osborn), BEN 10 (Overflow), THUNDERCATS ROAR (Lion-O, Wilykat), FALLOUT 4 (Zeke), TRANSFORMERS (Blurr), JUSTICE LEAGUE: ACTION (Jimmy Olsen), STAR OCEAN 5 (Fidel), WORLD OF WARCRAFT (Ara’lon, Prince Farondis), BORUTO (Konohamaru), SAO II (Jun), GUNDAM: THUNDERBOLT (Io), TALES OF BERSERIA (Shigure), ATELIER: ESCHA & LOGY (Logy).

He is a proud founding member of the comedy and gaming troupe Loud, Annoying, and Very Annoying (LAVA), which he shares with fellow actors Ray Chase and Robbie Daymond.


Ray Chase

By far the most talented and attractive LAVA member, Ray is also extremely humble. Ray Chase is perhaps best known as Sukuna in JUJUTSU KAISEN, Tengen Uzui in DEMON SLAYER, Noctis in FINAL FANTASY XV, Nier from NIER: REPLICANT, Eve from NIER: AUTOMATA, Alphen from TALES OF ARISE, Bruno Bucciarati on JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE, Roy from FIRE EMBLEM, the Master of Masters from KINGDOM HEARTS, and his most celebrated dual role as the Subway Announcer and Mara in PERSONA 5. Other roles include Gabriel from MALIGNANT, Karamatsu from OSOMATSU-SAN, Artorius from TALES OF BERSERIA,  Roy/Gaius/Alphonse/Fernand from FIRE EMBLEM HEROES, Almond Cookie from COOKIE RUN: KINGDOM, and Mitsurugi from SOUL CALIBUR VI. He’s also made appearances in RESIDENT EVIL: INFINITE DARKNESS, SEKIRO: SHADOWS DIE TWICE, BORDERLANDS 3, and hundreds more.  His anime roles include Gendo Ikari in NEON GENESIS: EVANGELION, Roswaal in RE:ZERO, Keith Flick in B: THE BEGINNING, Fyodor Dostoyevsky in BUNGOU STRAY DOGS, Puri Puri Prisoner in ONE PUNCH MAN, Yuu Otosaka in CHARLOTTE, Howzer in SEVEN DEADLY SINS, as well as joining the casts of ATTACK ON TITAN, YOUR NAME, BERSERK, MOB PSYCHO 100, GUNDAM: IRON BLOODED ORPHANS, BLUE EXORCIST, FAIRY TAIL, and many others!

Robbie Daymond

Robbie Daymond is an LA-based voice-actor & performer best known on- screen as Dorian Storm from the hit shows “Critical Role” & “Exandria Unlimited”. As a voice actor, he has portrayed Spider-man/Peter Parker in Marvel’s Spider-man, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers Assemble, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, Tuxedo Mask in Sailor Moon, Prompto in Final Fantasy XV, Akechi in Persona 5, Megumi in Jujutsu Kaisen, Sorey in Tales of Zestiria, Hubert in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Mori Jin in God of The High School, Kenshiro in Fist of the Lost Star: Lost Paradise, Minato in Re-main, Mumen Rider in One Punch Man, Kayn in League of Legends, Flect Turn in My Hero Academia, Jesse in Infinity Train, Shoya in A Silent Voice, Fret in Halo Infinite, Raymond in OK-KO, Mitsuki in Boruto, Professor Willow in Pokemon Go, Sway Sway in Breadwinners, Chrollo in HxH, Ikoma in Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, Akira in Battle Game in 5 Seconds, and Zhao in Yakuza 7. Other projects include: Demon Slayer, Cells at Work, Brand New Animal, Cyberpunk 2077, Fate/Grand Order- Absolute Demonic Front:Babylonia, Kuroko’s Basketball, TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan, FLCL Progressive, The Spyro Trilogy: Reignited, Digimon Adventures tri. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Attack on Titan, Star Wars Rebels, Horizon Zero Dawn, Young Justice, Casagrandes, 86,Death Stranding, Megalobox, Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, Last Hope, Daemon X Machina, Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled, Code Vein, Baki, Seven Deadly Sins, Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu, & many many more! Robbie also makes up 1/3 of the pop-culture improv comedy troupe, “Loud, Annoying & Very Annoying” aka: “L.A.V.A”, performing this weekend!!